Feb 11 2017

Jackie Hill has done a lot for the City of Alcoa. She is taking it up a notch to speak with U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan in response to his lack of communication with his constituents.

Thank you, Jackie Hill, for all you have done. Keep up the good work.

Jan 24 2017

Alcoa's Public Works and Engineering Department will start installing the new sidewalks between North Linden Drive and the red light at the Hunters Crossing/Louisville Road intersection today, Jan. 24, and will continue for four months, the city announced in a press release Friday. The scheduled completion date is May 26.

This is wonderful news. The greenbelt and sidewalks currently deadend at this location. Many bike riders and pedestrians who want to go to the shopping center have a treacherous section to traverse. Many thanks to the city for this project.

Jan 16 2017

The Blount County Democratic Party will hold the January meeting on the 19th.

When: Thursday, January 19, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Martin Luther King Center 209 E. Franklin St. Alcoa

Dec 31 2016

In driving through downtown Maryville yesterday we noticed the Dead End BBQ is closed. We were surprised but not. We never got around to visiting the restaurant. We had been to the one on Sutherland Avenue in Knoxville. At the beginning were excited to get to the one in Maryville but it was so crowded early on we couldn't get in. Then, we never tried again.

We are sorry to see them go. They spent a lot of money on the location. Although, the location may have been its downfall. It was a the intersection of Broadway and Hwy 321, which is very busy and made it hard to access the restaurant.

It's sad for the employees. According to the Maryville Daily Times, the owner said closing "wasn’t just a snap decision", but they didn't tell employees until yesterday, the day of closing.

Dec 29 2016

TVA's Little River boat ramp has been shut down. We have seen no notice as to why it is shutdown, but we have a good idea.

NOTICE - Area and Boat Ramp Closed to Public Use -

According to a report in the Maryville Daily Times, in October, 2016, a Knoxville man was "cited after performing public sex acts at Louisville boat ramp." A man fishing near the boat ramp was very upset after being approached by a man who exposed himself and was masturbating as he continued to walk closer.

We used to go to that boat ramp a lot when we were young. We haven't been there since we've returned to Tennessee because of these kinds of problems. The boat ramp is quite secluded and cannot be seen from the road. It's sad that the fix is to close the boat ramp.

Dec 29 2016

Glass recycling will no longer be available in 2017. Eff. Jan. 1, 2017, the City of Alcoa will no longer accept glass in curbside recycling. The City of Maryville will no longer accept glass at the recycling centers effective Feb. 1, 2017. Glass is not accepted at the Blount County recycling centers.

According to the Maryville Daily Times, “equipment is being highly damaged by broken glass and co-mingled colored glass has no market anymore.” ... "the cost of processing and transporting recycled glass is substantially higher than the return it provides in the market. " Recycling providers are no longer taking glass locally.

In addition, in the City of Alcoa, we found that a lot of the items we had been recycling are actually not acceptable. For example,

Bubble Wrap
Food soiled paper products (such as pizza boxes)
Glass - no type of glass is accepted for recycling effective January 1, 2017
Hardback Books
Plastic takeout containers and utensils
Waxed Cartons (example: orange juice and chicken broth cartons

We were surprised to find out some of these items are not acceptable, especially bubble wrap, pizza boxes, plastic takeout containers and utensils, Styrofoam, and waxed cartons. Our recycling will definitely decrease.

Here is a list for the City of Alcoa of Acceptable and Unacceptable recyclable items. Here is a list of Acceptable recyclable items for the City of Maryville. Maryville has one recycling center. Here is a list of the Blount County recycling centers and the Acceptable items.

Dec 8 2016

The Blount County Democratic Party will hold the December meeting on the 15th.

When: Friday, December 15, 2016
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Martin Luther King Center 209 E. Franklin St. Alcoa

Nov 13 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016, the Staples store in Alcoa closed. It was reported in the local newspaper. Somehow I missed it. We were looking up some piece of equipment to purchase and noticed Staples didn't show up anymore on Google. Say what? Oh, it happened over a month ago. We were quite busy on other things.

Another big box building to fill.

Nov 9 2016

Elect results from Maryville Daily Times

Alcoa School Board

Steve Marsh, incumbent - 1,958
Clayton Bledsoe - 1,556
Charles Cameron, incumbent - 1,176

Johnelle Jackson, incumbent - 1,121
Tamara Griffin - 1,058
Matt Brewster - 990
Charlie Garcia - 491

Alcoa City Commission

Ken White, incumbent - 1,911
Jim Buchanan - 1,814

Stephen Biggar - 1,548.

Nov 4 2016

Blount County Election Commission reports on early voting totals.

Early Voting Totals (including Absentee during early voting)
34,237 - 2016
26,796 - 2012
27,267 - 2008

28% increase over 2012
26% increase over 2008

Courthouse 12,093 (2016) vs 14,831 (2012) vs 15,597 (2008)
Everett 6,792 (2016 vs 7,332 (2012) vs 5,759 (2008)
Library 8,293 (2016) vs N/A in 2012 vs N/A in 2008
Pellissippi 5,467 (2016) vs 2,869 (2012) vs 4,144 (2008)
Absentee 1,592 (2016) vs 1,764 (2012) vs 1,767 (2008)

City of Alcoa Schools, Alcoa Intermediate School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is holding a community dog parade to raise funds for school projects. One project in particular is completing a playground for the kids. When the schools were moved around, the newly assigned Intermediate School grounds did not include a playground. The PTO is rectifying the issue.

Saturday, November 5, 2016
9 AM - 12 PM
Springbrook Park/Duck Pond

$10 entry fee / Onsite registration
Largest Dog Parade/ PetSmart Trick Facilitator
Costume Contest / Inflatable and lots more!

Oct 26 2016

Blount County Election Commission reports on early voting totals.

Absentee by Mail (pre-early voting)
736 - 2016
801 -2012

Early Voting 1st 5 days (including Absentee during early voting)
11,052 - 2016
8,103 - 2012

11,788 - 2016
8,904 - 2012

32% increase over 2012
42% increase over 2008 (8,276 in 2008)

Courthouse 4,443 (2016) vs 5,167 (2012)
Everett 2,026 (2016 vs 1,917 (2012)
Library 2,648 (2016) vs N/A in 2012
Pellissippi 1,612 (2016) vs 690 (2012)
Absentee 1,059 (2016) vs 1,130 (2012)

Oct 21 2016

A year ago, Governor Bill Haslam came to Alcoa to announce an ammo mfg company is coming to the area. They predicted the investment of $553M in the project and 605 jobs added to the area.

Maybe not. It would appear the company has been shut down at their current Arizona location.

Oct 11 2016

Dean Stone passed away yesterday at the age of 92. What an inspiration. May he rest in peace.

Oct 9 2016

Check out the sign on Hunt Road. Is he serious that this sign is a good idea?

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