Apr 8 2017

Raccoons with either distemper or rabies are a problem in Blount County, primarily in the City of Alcoa.
Local officials think the problem is distemper, but it hasn't been confirmed.

According to Alcoa animal control, seventeen or eighteen raccoons have had to be euthanized in March. In the past, they have only had to euthanize two or three raccoons a year.

The strange behavior of infected raccoons includes being out in the day, walking in circles or lying on the ground. They might also be foaming from the mouth, even if suffering from distemper and not rabies, Harrison said.

Many of them will no longer act afraid of humans.
Residents who encounter them are asked to stay away from the animals and call the Blount County Communications Center non-emergency dispatch number at (865) 983-3620.

Be careful out there.

Just being out in the

Just being out in the daylight does not mean a raccoon has an illness. Too bad the article was written in that way.

You are correct. With more

You are correct. With more and more people unaware of wildlife habits, dangers, their desire to make wild animals pets, and their need to get close to wild animals, is inducing fear a solution? I don't know.

The writer probably took a

The writer probably took a short cut to save time.

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