The Daily Times has a report on last night's County Commission vote to acquire land for a transition center to ease jail crowding. In the middle of the report out of the blue comes this:

“There is no data that it would lead to an increase in crime and decrease in property value,” said Zac Talbott, Director of Clinical Services at ReVita Recovery Centers, LLC, at the town hall meeting.

Nowhere before or after does the report explain who Zac Talbott is or how "ReVita Recovery Centers, LLC" is involved in the project.

First of all, there is no such organization as "ReVita Recovery Centers." There is a company called "ReVIDA Recovery Centers," an LLC registered in Delaware and headquartered in Nashville. According to their website, they are an "outpatient medication assisted treatment center specializing in personal and behavorial care for opioid use disorders." It appears they are a methadone/suboxone clinic with counseling services.

So what is ReVIDA's involvement in the transition center project? Are they consultants? Do they expect to be service providers? Will they have offices at the facility? What other for-profit commercial businesses are involved? We don't know because the Daily Times report doesn't say.

A reporter should explain this. An editor should ask why it isn't explained. Both should verify the spelling of company names mentioned in the article so readers can try to answer these questions themselves via google.

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