Aug 23 2019

Today's breathless, provocative front page headline proclaims "Library board member sought inside information on director."

The article goes on to describe the request and ensuing board discussion in terms that make it sound vaguely inappropriate.

The library board, which is regulated by state law, says in their bylaws (section 2.5 - Authority and Responsibility of the Board) that "The Board shall employ a Library Director." Section 4.1 (Library Director) says The Library Director shall have sole charge of the administration of the Library under the direction and review of the Board, shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and shall be the direct representative of the Board in the management of the Library." Further, section 2.6 (Meeting of the Board) says that "All Board and committee meetings shall meet the requirements of the Tennessee Open Meetings Act."

So, a new member of the board that is responsible for the hiring and oversight of the director asks for information she needs to carry out those duties and this is somehow controversial? And the requested information that is work product of the board and its employees is somehow "inside information?" Is there some information that is privy only to certain board members? Where in the bylaws or state law is that allowed?

If there's some double-secret deep state political intrigue afoot, the paper should not beat around the bush and just spell it out. Otherwise, they appear to be sensationalizing a routine functioning of the board to stir up controversy where none seems to exist.

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