Jul 16 2008

The upcoming Pellissippi Place on the Oak Ridge Corridor has not been in the news much lately. The plans are in the works and the project is growing. If it is development they want, then development they will have. As citizens of this beautiful area, it is to our benefit to track the development to ensure it is held to a higher standard than most every other past developement project in Blount County.

The Pellissippi Place Riverwalk

As you can see, the plans show the attractive aspects of the R&D park.

Master Plan 1 calls for a riverwalk (think San Antonio, TX), a square with a fountain, residential, retail, and commercial development. Open space, trails, and walkways are included. There is also a reference to office space over the parkway (as in Pellissippi), which of course is not there and has not been approved.

Check out Master Plan 2 and the Land Use Districts.

Years ago, when the City of Alcoa was originally designed by/for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), one of their guidelines was to have one acre of green space for every 100 citizens. "It was this vision which gave birth to Springbrook Park..." I don't know if we can expect this vision in the 21st Century. What I do know is we can insist new developement be designed with a vision of green space, trees, walkability, and aesthetics. It has been obvious that when money runs low, this vision is the first to be eliminated. As citizens of this beautiful area we should not let that happen. If they cannot afford the entire vision, they should not be allowed to proceed with any portion of the project.

One other thing, let's hope there are no plans to bring in industry like this at the East Tennessee Technology Park to Blount County.

They are inventing a river?

They are inventing a river? Did anyone tell the designer Alcoa had to resort to emergency measures last year to maintain its water supply? Exactly how is this man-made river supposed to work?

I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing -- what river?

The sketches make it look

The sketches make it look like they are either diverting water from the Little River at the tip of Singleton Bend, or maybe taking it from the water plant on Sam Houston Schoolhouse Rd. Where the water will go after flowing through fantasyland is unclear. Maybe it's just a river-shaped lake.

It's a joint project with

It's a joint project with Knox County. They seem to have plenty of water. Blount County will get it from them. The project has to succeed. Right?


Does anyone remember the actual address of the site. Since they added the GIS and actual photos to the tax records it would be interesting to see just what is there now in the way of water.

There is no surface water on

There is no surface water on that site at all. Any address in Edgewood Acres (Lagrange Dr, Dorothy Ln, Liscom Dr, Holiday Dr) will get you near the NE edge, and any address on Jackson Hills Dr will get you near the SW edge.

As rikki says, there is no

As rikki says, there is no water on that property.

Go Alcoa Hwy towards town, get off at the Hunt Road exit, go east on Hunt Road until it dead ends at Maryville Pike (Old Knoxville Hwy to some), take a left, the property is down the road on the right, just after the Jackson Hills entrance down to Pellissippi Parkway and just past the parkway to the next neighborhood.


Then if there is no water now and they create a lake/river/duck pond they don't have to have storm water buffers because it is not a public waterway? Right? It is not shown on the flood zone map, right?

If it's just a river-shaped

If it's just a river-shaped pond, it would not be subject to any Clean Water Act or floodplain regulations. If they actually divert water from the Little River and there is flow and some sort of outflow, perhaps into Pistol Creek, then all sorts of permits and filings would be necessary. Which probably means it's a river-shaped pond.

I Heart Ed Abbey

Fans of American author and essayist Edward "Cactus Ed" Abbey will remember his wonderful insight on "growth" in America:

"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell."

Too bad Abbey isn't required reading for our elected officials.

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