Nov 28 2007

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A meeting last night at the Blount County Library that was advertised as a rally to support embattled Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young turned out to be a partisan Republican event to criticize the Daily Times and bash ordinary citizens who dare to speak out and ask questions.


Nov 28 2007

While there are many important points to consider in today's The Daily Times article about the rally for Judge Young, I can't get past my embarrassment of hearing our county mayor talk about "testicular fortitude."

I think that he was talking about us, but whatever he was saying is lost on me because all I can think is..."he did NOT just say 'testicular fortitude.'"

Nov 27 2007

This came across my email this morning: The Blount County Planning Commission will hold a called meeting on November 27, 2007 at 5:30 P.M. in the Blount County Courthouse Room 430. The purpose of the meeting is: continue revision of the Policies Plan and other plans for the County.

Copies of the Policies Plan and other plans and various analyses may be viewed at (link...) under the Plans section.

Note: If you wanted to provide input, Chairman Scully said last time that if they allowed it, they'd be there all night. So, they didn't allow public input. Unless they do tonight's meeting differently, you'll have to think up a different way of giving your thoughts toward this important planning process.

Nov 26 2007
By: Dumping Ground  shortURL

Wasn't the audit that usually comes in October rescheduled for mid-November? It's November 26th, do you know where your local accounting is?

Nov 26 2007

I have been told there will be a support rally for Judge Young tommorrow evening at the library. It will be interesting to me to see who turns out for this. The flyer was posted at the Justice Center of all places.
I know that the subject of Judge Young has become somewhat taboo on this site so delete if you must but I had to put it out there for all to see at least once.
I wonder if the DT will cover this one. They didn't cover Wendy's rally.

Nov 26 2007
By: commissionerwalker  shortURL

Property Tax Freeze -

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you are preparing for a Merry Christmas.

The Property Tax Freeze that is on the Commission agenda for the December meeting of the County Commission. What's your opinion? $32,100 maximum income, which is equal to 40 hours a week at just over $14.00/hr before taxes.

Should the Commission use this method to offer a break to those who are eligible or should the commission looking at subsidising the current tax break program that is in place?


* I sure wish we would have put the Christmas lights up three weeks ago when it was still warm outside!
* You have how many more recipes involving turkey?
* You spent HOW much yesterday?
* How much longer are Uncle / Aunt Bob, Ted, Alice or Fran and their kids planning to stay with us?
* Naw, don't rake the leaves. Just let them blow next door.
* No, my speech bubble would say...................


Nov 23 2007

A joke over at KnoxViews about the photo of the corner of Dalton and Darwin led me to this interesting City of Alcoa web page about Alcoa's street name origins. (Many are familiar, but I had to look up Dalton. He was the inventor of atomic theory).

An excerpt:

Credited with the naming of the original City of Alcoa streets are Alcoa’s first city manager, V.J. Hultquist, who was also Alcoa Inc.’s chief engineer in charge of the Alcoa plant construction and Edwin S. Fickes, vice president of Alcoa Inc. at the time. Below is a listing of streets and the origin of their names.

Bell Street – Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), inventor or the telephone.

Bessemer Street – Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898), an English engineer who developed the Bessemer process for manufacture of steel by decarbonization of molten cast iron.

Boyle Street – Robert Boyle (1627-1691), an English natural philosopher known for his discovery that the volume of gas varies inversely as the pressure varies.

Read the full list here, it's quite fascinating.

Nov 21 2007

* By Phone
* In Person
* By Email
* Only 1 of them.
* All of them
* Who is my commissioners?
* Why bother!


Nov 21 2007
By: R. Neal  shortURL

A lot of the leaves are gone, but there's still some fall color in our city parks and neighborhoods. Here are a few photos from earlier in the week in and around Springbrook Park. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

(Click read more for more photos...)


Nov 21 2007
By: commissionerwalker  shortURL

I am curious, I know curiosity killed the cat.

What if anything is the Local Government for Blount County doing right?


Senator Alexander (and Corker) voted against consideration of the bill for Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment

November 16, 2007. Both senators from Tennessee voted against consideration of the bill H.R.4156. This bill, Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment Appropriations Act, 2008 would de-fund the Bush / Cheney nearly one-half trillion dollar occupation of Iraq. This bill would being to remove US service men and women from Iraq with in 30 days of its passage. It also prohibits the use of any US funds for torture, it demands measurement of progress from the Secretary of Defense, and it "Prohibits any funds from being used to: (1) establish any military installation or base for providing for the permanent stationing of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq; or (2) exercise U.S. control over any oil resource of Iraq."


Nov 20 2007

Coming soon to the old Atlanta Bread location in Alcoa, near Hall Road on Associates Blvd. Saw a sign, nothing else to report.

Hope it's a good replacement. Many of us have really been missing Atlanta Bread.

Nov 20 2007
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Springbrook Splendor, the lighting of the Alcoa Christmas Tree, due to a rain delay will be Tuesday November 27th at 6:15PM.

Location: Springbrook Park, Upper Field.

Updated 11/27/2007, 7:45am


Tomorrow's 5:30 meeting of the Planning Commission includes in its agenda a section on Long Range Planning. Three really important items stand out:

  • Discussion and possible action on regulations concerning ridge-top
  • development.
  • Continuation of discussions on revision of Policies Plan.
  • 2007 report on school capacity from School Board.
  • Here are the links to the supporting documents, the first being the agenda:

    a - agenda for November 20, 2007
    b - memo on amendments to subdivision regulations public h…
    c - memo on rezoning public hearing for 11-20-07
    d - memo on plat reviews for 11-20-07 _minus attachments_
    e - memo on long range agenda items for 11-20-07 _minus en…

    Might be a good meeting to attend, if you are interested in better understanding the process of how regulations are created. (And if your turkey is thawed.)

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