Dec 4 2007

From the front page of yesterday's Maryville Daily Times:

Dec 3 2007
By: Fairview Angel  shortURL

From The Daily Times Our Voice;

Until the pay for county deputies is brought up to a level comparable to that of officers in the Alcoa and Maryville police departments, such qualified deputies would be hired away as fast as they were trained.


Should Blount County teachers, employees, and those contracted with the county be paid the same as Maryville City? Isn't teaching and police work in the city considered an upward move for county workers - not a lateral one?

If they are not, should we not go ahead and consolidate our government?

Dec 3 2007
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Maryville City is lighting their Christmas tree tonight. It will be located at the Greenbelt right behind The Daily Times offices, next to the pedestrain bridge that goes to the library.

Dec 2 2007
By: Dumping Ground  shortURL

Today on Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week, guest Bill Lyons announced Mayor Haslam's Deputy Mayor, Larry Martin, would no longer have his dual role of Finance Director. I wonder what Mayor Haslam knows that Mayor Cunningham doesn't?

Does anyone know the reason for this change?

Dec 1 2007

150 years of Two Party rule comes to an end

1792 - Democratic Republican Party formed by Jefferson and Madison.

1854 - Republican Party formed by former Whigs, Northern Democrats, and Free-Soilers.

1890 - Democratic Party becomes Socially Liberal.

1890-1910 - 14th Amendment (of 1868) designed to give citizenship to former slaves, used by Corporations in over 288 cases and only 14 black American cases.

1898 - In addition to Smythe v. Ames, and several other Supreme Court Rulings; Corporations achieve the Legal Fiction of Constitutionally-protected Corporate Personhood.

2006 - Nancy Pelosi states that interfering with the freshly paved Yellow-Brick-Road from K-Street to DC, is "off the Table."


The defending state 4A champion Maryville High Rebels face off against Sullivan-South and the defending 2A champion Alcoa High Tornadoes face off against Donelson Christian at 7PM tonight in state semi-finals matchups.

It's a pretty huge night for football in Blount County. Best of luck to both teams!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Maryville and Alcoa on the big wins. Now it's on to the state championships.

Nov 30 2007

Many of us questioned the timing on this weeks Pro-us rally and I believe we have found the source of the actual timing.


“This school is a fraud,” Hatcher said. “They sell themselves as an accredited school and they’re deceiving people.
“I think it would be worthwhile for others to pursue refunds.”
Berrong said there “was no discussion” on whether the deputies should pay back the money or ask Columbus University for a refund. He said he “would like for them to try to obtain a lawyer to ask Columbus to do the same that they did with Tom (Hatcher).”
“I think that’s something that we can pursue,” Berrong said. “I think a letter would be relatively inexpensive to have an attorney, if we could find one,


Nov 29 2007

Caption this Daily Times photo.

I'll get the ball rolling:

Mayor Cunningham asks "Who among you accepts the Republican Party as your personal savior?"

Mayor Cunningham asks "How many of y'all think the Daily Times is a tool of liberal left real estate developers and that all these bloggers or whatever the devil you call them are a bunch of terrorist sympathizers?"

Mayor Cunningham asks "Who wants pie?"

Keep it clean.

(Disclaimer: Our crack team of litigious pit bull trial attorneys has counseled that this is not a competition and only an exhibition so there is no wagering allowed, and that entries not straying out of bounds are parody and/or satire protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which they believe to still be in effect in Blount County.)

Nov 29 2007
When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

Blount County Animal Rescue Effort (Blount CARE) is proud to annouce the 4th Annual Santa Paws/Winter Wonder Paws Event. Blount CARE's vice president, professional photographer Shannon Parker, will again be taking pictures of people and their pets with Santa at Smoky Mountain Feeds, 317 Gill Street, Alcoa, TN. (link...)

There is a $5.00 per animal/person sitting fee, which will go to the nonproffit organization, Blount CARE, to help with their work to educate people to the proper care of all animals and to the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Photo Sheets will be avaiable for order from Shannon's website: White Dog Studio (link...)


The Blount County Civil War Roundtable (BCCWRT) is proud to welcome author Ron Jones, at their November 29th meeting, 7 pm. at the Saint Paul Lutheran Church. He will be speaking about his historical novels, "War Comes to Broad River", based on a diary kept by his Great Great Grand Uncle during the War Between the States and "The Road to Rock Island", based on the service of his Great Great Grandfather and his imprisonment at Rock Island for the last year of the war. Both books are stories of real people caught up in one of the most tragic periods of our history. Each follows a small band of men from northeast Georgia, one serving in the Army of Tennessee and the other in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

Mr. Jones is a Knoxville native and graduate of the University of Tennessee. After retiring, he has renewed his love of history thru genealogy work and writing and speaking on both the War Between the States and the American Revolution. He is also a member of many heritage and historical groups in East Tennessee.

Blount County Civil War Round Table meetings are heldon the last Thursday of each month, at Saint Paul Lutheran Church, 429 Sandy Springs Road, Maryville, Tennessee (very near Foothills Elementary School and Maryville Fire Station on Sandy Springs Road).
Link to map:

For more information call Teresa: (865) 556-0315

Nov 28 2007
By: local_yokel  shortURL

Lemongrass (across 321 from Target) is a real gem. It's a nice little white tablecloth place, so it is good for a date, but not too fancy a place to go with children if that's more the stage you're at. They serve "good" Thai food (it may not be the most authentic on the planet, but it IS good) and I enjoy their sushi. They don't have much turnover with their wait staff, so they remember each member of the family, inquire about the ones who are missing, and already know what you're going to order when you walk in there. The staff are very friendly and put everyone at ease.

I don't know if they will ever do it again, because they had an unbelievable crowd, but tonight was Wednesday $2 Sushi night at Lemongrass. They had 3 sushi chefs, so they ticked through the orders in an amazingly efficient fashion. Apparently, it is available for take-out as well.

If anything, I would love to see this restaurant double in size, with about quadruple the parking spaces available.

Nov 28 2007

Now that I'm done grimacing over Mayor Cunningham's choice of words in describing bloggers, I thought I'd take a moment to acknowledge the Daily Times' amazingly extensive coverage of the attack on their journalistic ethics and on the cultural bias of their star reporter/business editor, Mr. Laney (is he Latino?), at the Support Rally for Judge Young. ((link...))

I've been reading the DT off and on for a very long time and would never have believed you if you told me yesterday they would cover that, considering the content was as much about them as it was the good Judge. Noone can claim that the DT did a half-ass job on reporting that little party. One wonders if Mayor Cunningham anticipated that they would tape his whole spiel and post it on the web? Humorously, this included the Mayor's description of the furniture burned for heat by one of the parties in the "ongoing litigation," which he said they never would do. So, noone can claim the reporter got anything wrong, left anything out, or spun it due to his cultural biases this time. I am sure the Mayor, Mr. Overbey, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Finney, and Sheriff Berrong are thrilled with the excellence in reporting.

Kudos to Mark Boxley.

P.S. I came across this blogger's remarks in support of the DT also. It seems he has some history in Blount County: ((link...)) If you find more, or just feel like throwing some love over toward the DT today, feel free to post on this thread.

Nov 28 2007

UPDATE: More reaction here and here.

UPDATE: WATE coverage here.

UPDATE: More here.

UPDATE: More must read commentary here.

UPDATE: Associated Press wire coverage here, here, here, here, and here.

UPDATE: And here.

Original post follows...

A meeting last night at the Blount County Library that was advertised as a rally to support embattled Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young turned out to be a partisan Republican event to criticize the Daily Times and bash ordinary citizens who dare to speak out and ask questions.


Nov 28 2007

While there are many important points to consider in today's The Daily Times article about the rally for Judge Young, I can't get past my embarrassment of hearing our county mayor talk about "testicular fortitude."

I think that he was talking about us, but whatever he was saying is lost on me because all I can think is..."he did NOT just say 'testicular fortitude.'"


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