Jul 16 2018

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About 150 people turned out for the Blount County Democratic Party picnic yesterday. The weather was perfect. Everyone was in a good mood. Pistol Creek Catch of the Day provided music. We haven't attended meetings in a while so it was good to see some of our Democratic friends in Blount County, Tony Webb, Joe Gallagher, and more.

Jackie Hill (Blount County Commission, District 1, Seat A), Tanya Martin (Blount County Commission, District 1, Seat B), Jeff Barbra (Blount County Commission, District 4, Seat C), Kathleen Puckett (Blount County Commission, District 8, Seat B), Ginny West Case (Blount County Commission, District 5, Seat A), Susan Sneed (TN House 20th District), Jay Clark (TN House 8th District), and Joshua Williams (U.S. House District 2) all visited, gave short stump speeches, then worked the crowd. Craig Fitzhugh (Governor) had a representative on site as did Renee Hoyos (U.S. House District 2). Can't remember Fitzhugh's rep's name but she was a delight and brought signs and bumper stickers. Hoyos dropped by later in the afternoon. April White, the remaining Democrat on the ballot was probably there, I just missed seeing/hearing her.

We brought the Gracie girl, mini schnauzer, and found out for sure that Susan Sneed, Jay Clark, and Joshua Williams are dog people. I personally know Jackie Hill is as well in that she also has a mini schnauzer.

One thing someone mentioned was that Democratic early voter turnout is quite a bit higher than 2014. Let's hope the trend continues.

Everyone's efforts are truly appreciated. Thanks to the candidates for making the tough effort by running for office in Blount County and Tennessee. Good luck to everyone.


Blount County Democrat Early

Blount County Democrat Early voting numbers

7/13/2018 - 225

7/15/2016 - 65

7/18/2014 - 36

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