Apr 20 2022

2022 Blount County Drive Electric Earth Day Celebration

Drive Electric Earth Day

Day: Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT

Location: Maryville College
502 East Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804

This is an opportunity to talk directly with electric vehicle (EV) owners about their real world experiences with electric vehicles. Want to know what it's like to take a long road trip in an electric car? Our members have thousands of miles of road trip experiences. Curious about how to find a charger on the road and how long it takes to charge? The answers are here. What about maintenance? There's very little maintenance needed, and owners can tell you why.

You can see and compare various models of EVs in one place. Owners will have vehicles for show. Expected owner vehicles include Chevrolet Bolt and Volt, Energica and Evoke Urban Classic motorcycles, Nissan LEAF, and Tesla Model 3.

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