Jun 27 2023

Blount County government and Blount Memorial Hospital having been going at it for months now including lawsuits. Blount Memorial wanted to sell some properties. Blount County says can't without county approval.

"Blount Memorial brought a suit against the county last year, seeking both political independence and the right to sell certain assets in order to secure cash."

Update: Blount County Commission got the State of Tennessee to change a law enabling the county to "contract with hospital operators other than Blount Memorial Inc., which has managed Blount Memorial since the 1940s. The county also contends it owns the hospital and all related assets, a claim hospital leadership vehemently disputes."

"Blount Memorial’s board of directors authorized suing the county government in federal court... "Blount Memorial counsel LaJuana Atkins said that the new law represents a violation of both the state constitution and the U.S. Constitution."

The City of Maryville was making plans to build a hotel on city property only to find out Mayville City Schools owns the property and they don't want to sell.

The City of Alcoa wanted to annex some property. Blount County contested the annexation. Blount County won to some extent when it was determined that some of the property could not be annexed. Then, most recently, someone new purchased said property and decided not to develop it and wants it deannexed.

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