Jan 18 2009

HB59 (link...)

Section 49-1-224.
(a) The department of education, in consultation with the department of health, shall establish minimum guidelines for heath insurance coverage necessary for attendance in schools for grades kindergarten through twelve (K-12)

What? Can Tennessee require any child to have health insurance as a condition to attending public schools? I would like to know what Rep Hardaway's real goal is with this.

I am going to guess it's

I am going to guess it's some kind of back door strategy to force the state to provide health insurance for all kids, either through TennCare or CoverKids or something.

That's interesting

I didn't see the original text, but it is an interesting concept. Particularly since the authorities can arrest you for not sending your kids to school. I guess this would now extend to arresting you for not properly insuring your kids.

It is called socialism

It is called socialism

We already require minimum car insurance

Perhaps it was inspired by Hardaway's own run-in with the law as it relates to insurance: (link...)

minimum car insurance is to

minimum car insurance is to protect the property of others, not just yourself, don't see how it relates


It was a joke, Blountres. Irony -- maybe you've heard of it?

OTOH, I could make a case that having medical insurance for yourself or your kids protects the rest of us from having to pay to patch you back up if you or your kids fall off the monkey bars at school.

And just think of all the money we've spent paying for the medical care of the residents of the county jail. I heard that one even had heart surgery on our nickel. Maybe there will be a bill requiring prisoners to cover their own medical care.

More irony.

More info: Link...

More info:



Andy what business is it, of anyones, about medical insurance for MY child? And your assumption of your funding of there medical treatment?

You act as if, heart surgery on an inmate at BC jail was the first time this has ever happened?

If you want to make a legitiminate cause, speak of funding health care for illegal immigrants?

BTW, Mello blogs on several sites and leans towards socialism.


Naw, I ain't much of a socialist. I just seem to be more so in Dixieland since southern democrats are really yankee republicans...

not the first time?

Blountres, tell us how many heart surgeries have we paid for amongst our jail population, if this wasn't the first time. Puts a whole new spin on how much money the county makes off housing prisoners.

And really, I don't care about medical insurance on your child. I was just commenting that it is interesting that a legislator would think to create one more hurdle for people to jump to attend school, which is mandatory under state law.


BTW, Mello blogs on several sites and leans towards socialism.

Too bad mello isn't a compassionate conservative so we could send them back to Texas.

If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away...

Mello are you a yankee

Mello are you a yankee transplant? As far as sending anyone back to Texas, I would think you had more to worry about, with who's in Washington right now. The village idiot from Chicago, and all those who blindly supported him. Well you got him now, and you can seem he has no idea what he is doing? Gitmo, taxpayer bailout money, etc.

Mello, maybe we are a little

Mello, maybe we are a little smarter in dixieland? We see things for what they are worth, like the house speaker, Mrs. Pelosi and her jet setting trips that cost 60K a pop, for her to fly across the country.

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