Jul 23 2020

Alcoa City Schools opened for classes yesterday, July 22nd.

Students attend classes one day a week and use virtual learning four days a week. On premises classes are on a staggered schedule. Students will attend the one day based on their last name, e.g. students with last names beginning with letters from A to C attended yesterday.

Hand sanitizer is abundant, all faculty, staff, as well as many students are wearing face coverings, and no more than 10 students are in a classroom.

Although Alcoa is not taking any action against students who don’t wear face coverings, they are encouraged for younger students and “expected” for older students when distancing is difficult. Staff members must wear masks when in close proximity to students and during class transitions..

Daily temperature checks on arrival are part of the new routine to check for possible symptoms of the coronavirus.

Let's hope all goes well. Be careful out there.

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